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Downhole Surveys

Downhole Surveys is an innovative West Australian based company with a global reach, providing precision rental equipment to the civil engineering, mining, exploration and drilling industries. With 25 years’ experience, Downhole Surveys are the absolute authority when it comes to directional surveying technology and techniques, and through constant research and field testing have become recognised as the leader in bringing innovative technology to the industry.
Downhole Surveys – providing precision rental equipment to the civil engineering and mining industry.

Downhole Surveys – providing precision rental equipment to the civil engineering and mining industry



Downhole Surveys are a leading supplier of rental survey equipment, drill rig alignment instruments, and wireline depth counters. Rental range!

Monster Packages

Monster Pack - HP

Discover our surveying packages for civil engineering and mining industry. Our packages combine the absolute precision of the Azimuth Aligner® with…Discover it!

Azimuth Aligner®

The No more GPS or Compass, Align an underground drill rig in under 5 minute… Discover it!


Australian Mining Prospect Award Winners: Innovative Mining Solution – Downhole Surveys for Azimuth Aligner

Downhole Surveys have taken out this years’ Innovative Mining Solution Award for developing a drill aligner which cuts the time it takes to align a drill from hours to under five minutes.

Aafter years of researching suitable gyro systems to align a drill rig, company director Mike Ayris stumbled upon an Italian-made Fibre Optic Gyro Compass (FOG)…Read the full article!

Downhole Surveys – providing rental equipment to the mining, exploration, drilling industries and civil engineering.  Learn more…

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