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How to? Downhole Survey Series… How to: Survey an RC Drill Hole

How to: Survey an RC Drill Hole by Mike Ayris - CEO, Downhole Surveys (Aust) Pty Ltd  Over the next few months DHS will publish a series of How To? guides in relation to Downhole Surveying with the aim of creating open discussion on each topic. The first guide of […]

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Overcoming the Issues Associated with Vertical Surveying

Overcoming the Issues Associated with Vertical Surveying: How to accurately survey the trajectory of a vertical drill hole inside steel casing by Mike Ayris - Managing Director, Downhole Surveys (Aust) Pty Ltd  Vertical surveying forms an integral part of mining and civil engineering applications such as venting, tunnelling and piling. […]

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Improving Productivity Through Drilling Operator Training

Improving Productivity Through Drilling Operator Training by Mike Ayris - Managing Director, Downhole Surveys (Aust) Pty Ltd  Many mining companies have adopted an equipment rental model, particularly in the area of high tech survey instrumentation. While this model offers significant capital expenditure savings, the potential exists for inexperienced operators to […]

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Improving in-rod downhole survey accuracy and results.

How to pause an in-rod downhole survey without losing accuracy or results? by Mike Ayris There are times when an in-rod downhole survey needs to be paused, most commonly for shift changes or blasting. More often than not this affects the capture and quality of survey data.  The […]

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The Monster Pack: London Crossrail Project

What is the London Crossrail? by Mike Ayris London Crossrail is a 118-kilometre (73-mile) railway line that is under construction in England. It is due to begin full operation in 2018, serving London and its environs by providing a new east-west route across Greater London. Work on […]

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Magnetic Ground at Lightening Nickel – MEMS Gyro

Often correct survey instrument selection is over looked till it is too late and the drill hole has been destroyed before a resurvey can be conducted. In Last Month’s Newsletter I talked about the combination of the Azimuth Aligner ® and MEMS Gyro used to determine firstly; the accuracy […]

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Azimuth Aligner® and MEMS Gyro Combine

Recently at the Independence Group groups wholly owned subsidiary Lightning Nickel , Long Mine Downhole Surveys in conjunction with the site geologists conducted a trial to determine the accuracy and repeatability of the MEMS Gyro used in blast hole “ore definition” drilling. The MEMS Gyro was selected […]

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