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Rig Alignment

Rig Alignment – Azimuth Aligner®


The Azimuth Aligner ® addresses the age old problem: “How to align a drill rig without the need for surveyors, in an underground environment.” Amongst mine surveying instruments, Azimuth Aligner ® positions itself as the only autonomous driller operated north seeking gyro device.

This revolutionary device is a first to the mining, drilling, exploration and survey equipment industries, developed in-house by Downhole Surveys. Drillers can now align a drill rig in under 5 minutes and replace the need for GPS, compass, foresight backsight markers, pegs or flagging tape. Geologists and surveyors are no longer required to supervise surface or underground drill rig alignment setups.

The Azimuth Aligner ® utilises the latest technology in highly robust north seeking gyros to provide absolute precision in drill rig alignment, greatly improving the process time and drilling productivity.

In additional, the output data from the Azimuth Aligner ® is used for the starting direction required by reference Gyros and other downhole survey instruments, creating a driller operated North Seeking Gyro, known as the Monster Packages.

Align a drill rig in under 5 minutes with Azimuth Aligner ®

Downhole Surveys was awarded the Innovative Mining Solution, for their Azimuth Aligner ®


  • Align a drill rig in under 5 minutes
  • Improve rig setup time
  • Eliminate redrills
  • No pegs or flagging tape required
  • No GPS or compass
  • Increase collar accuracy
  • Not affected by magnetics
  • Driller friendly
  • Operates surface and underground
  • Seeks True North in 25 minutes. (Az = ± 0.2 degrees )
  • Live movement tracking
  • 7 hours battery life
  • Clamp fits BQ to PQ rod sizes
  • Robust measuring device

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